Breaking News – Today Show Appearance

I will be appearing on The Today Show on Monday, October 4, to discuss Jessica and Kelli, my work with PursuitSafety, and other policy changes we hope will be made in light of the trooper’s recent workers’ compensation filing.

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5 Responses to Breaking News – Today Show Appearance

  1. Holly says:

    You and Maddie did a great job. Hugs!

  2. Paula Catalano Gallo says:

    I saw the clip of your TV appearance online today. I did not know of your tragedy prior to today. I am so sorry for all you have gone through. What a slap in the face that the officer is trying to apply for workers comp. This should be a non issue due to his violation of department policy and the law. Are there any plans to challenge this? Bless you in all of the positive things you have accomplished in the wake of this horrible senseless act.My heart breaks for your surviving daughter.

    Rochester, New York

  3. Sandra says:

    This story continues to sadden me. As a mother to two law enforcement officers, I fear for their safety every time they don their uniforms. High speed chases are rarely without incident and frankly I wish they would be outlawed. With air control, I see no reason for these chases as they serve no purpose other than to risk lives.

    In this case, the officer involved is “entitled” to benefits. On a moral level, he should forego them. This was an avoidable accident, had procedures been followed, Jessica & Kelli would still be with their families and friends. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your beautiful daughters.

  4. Ruth Feldmeier says:

    Dear Kimberly Schlau and Brian Uhl,
    I watched the Today Show broadcast about your daughters and the interview with Kimberly and Maddie. I can honestly say I completely understand your grief and your great lost. Your story was eerily similar to my daughter’s and her family’s tragedy. On March 25, 2008 her daughters Jessica (18) and Kellie (would have been 16 six days after her death) were in a head-on crash with another vehicle. Jessica died at the scene and Kellie was on life support for a week before she died. I don’t believe she was ever really there, just her body. There was a double funeral for them in their high school gym. The older man in the other vehicle also died at the scene. They left behind their younger sister who was 11 at the time. I’m writing to you because I know you understand our family’s great loss and what my daughter, her husband, their young sister and older half-brother have gone through. My daughter and I have attended meetings of Compassionate Friends off and on since the girls died, but no one there could identify with my daughter’s loss and at times would tell her she’s was their worst nightmare having lost two children at the same time. My daughter’s grief is fairly private, but I tend to talk about mine and my husband’s and the beautiful granddaughters we’ve lost. If you would ever consider corresponding with me I’ve included my email address. There are other similarities which I don’t want to discuss in this format. My prayers are with you and your beautiful daughters. Love, Ruth Feldmeier

  5. Ana says:

    Hello I just hear the tragic story at my local channel in Bakersfield CA
    My hart goes out to you and your love ones for your lost.
    I felt the need to commend you for keeping you daughters’ memories alive and the hard work you are doing to create awareness and seeking for justice. Seeing your story in the news just infuriated me that this policeman dint serve any time and now wants to get workmen’s comp!!! What is wrong with this system! He is a walking criminal and should be trail as a second degree murder he was not doing his job he was breaking the law texting on his cell while speeding come on… And the judge doesn’t put him behind bars unbelievable. I want you to know that I support you on this struggle. I will be praying that God Blesses you for the work you are doing in bettering our system by creating policy change that is necessary in a broken system that needs to make criminal accountable for their actions.
    Once again God Bless you and may he always give you the strength to seek justice in the loving memory of your two beautiful daughters. Thank you
    P.S If you have any petitions that you need a signature on as a way of support I will be happy to help get the sing.

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