Fundraiser Update

Just an update on the fundraiser being held this Sunday, July 13, 2008, at 7:00 pm at the KC Hall in Collinsville.

Tickets are still available – if you email me at with the number of tickets you need, I will make your reservation and you can pay at the door.

We have lots of donations for the silent auction and raffle prizes including Cardinals tickets, Muny tickets, Grizzlies tickets, Blues and Rams and Cardinals sports memorabilia, wine baskets, an overnight stay and dinner at the Casino Queen, and an autographed guitar from Brooks and Dunn.

Proceeds benefit the Jessica Uhl Memorial Scholarship Fund and the CMS/CHS Cheerleaders.

Hope to see you on Sunday!

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5 Responses to Fundraiser Update

  1. abunslife says:

    Hey….I’m watching your interview on ksdk right now…just wanted you to know. You did a great job. I’m so sorry I can’t be with you all for your fundraiser. I wish I could rearrange our schedule, but plans have been set for a long time for this weekend. I’ll be thinking of you all and hope many good things come from the event. hugs.

  2. Pamela Hubbs says:

    Hello. I watched the news last night and saw the story about Jessica and Kelli. I have to share with you that I had a lot in common with both of your girls and would love to donate to both charities. I am now 28, but graduated from college with a Major in Public Relations and Marketing. I addition, I had a love for cheerleading – cheered in high school, college, and then for the St. Louis Rams.
    I wish I could attend your charity event, but already have plans that evening. However, please let me know where I can send a check. I will also send a note to my family and friends sending them to this website. Take care.

  3. Linda Bohnenstiehl says:

    I enjoyed the video presentations! What beautiful girls, what beautiful lives, what beautiful memories! I want to get two tickets from you, but don’t know if I will be there for dinner. It is so nice of you to contribute to the continuous fundraising that these groups do…as you know! God bless you and Maddy and this celebration of beautiful lives! With love…

  4. Uncle Tony and Sharron says:

    Wish so much that we could be at the fundraiser with you tomorrow night. We know it will proceed beautifully because of your determination and positive attitude. You were articulate and admirable on your interview on KSDK and made us proud of you once again. We are so happy that you made time to visit us in Dallas recently. We fell even more in love with Maddy, another All-American Girl in our book.

  5. Danielle Hall says:

    I attended this fundraiser, and I had so much fun! Not only was this just a celebration of two lives that were taken from us, this was a day for everyone who was effected by this to get together and have a good time, thinking of these two beautiful girls. The turnout was amazing and everyone who attended was in such good spirits. This is something that I will always cherish, and will be at every year. Even though they could not be there physically, I know in my heart that they we there in so many different ways. It is amazing to see just how many lives they touched, in such a short period of time! I hope that this benefit is just the begginning of the celebration of two beautiful young ladies that we all miss so much..We love you!

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