Please Voice Your Opposition!

The ex-trooper has asked for another hearing to have his driver’s license reinstated.  I will be attending the hearing, which is scheduled for next Thursday, January 17, at 2:30 pm in Mt. Vernon to give a victim impact statement.  Back in July, many of you wrote letters supporting our position that he not be allowed to have his license reinstated.

As this new hearing date was given to us on such short notice, I would ask that if you would like your opinions heard by the hearing officer, please leave your opinion in the comments or email me at  I will present your statements when I attend the hearing. Thank you so much for your support.

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17 Responses to Please Voice Your Opposition!

  1. Ryan says:

    This man has gave a pure example of what not to do while not only driving a vehicle but when in a pursuit i feel that he still needs more time to think about the recklessness of his driving although it has been a long time its still the same man who has a ambition to drive recklessly. I feel to as if a class should be taken before matt mitchell is even considered to get a license reinstatement.

  2. David Ehrensperger says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    I would like to voice my opinion in opposition to this person getting a reinstatement of his drivers license. The facts of his actions in the deaths of these two beautiful girls are so against common sense that I don’t think he should be allowed back on the road. He, in my opinion, does not realize the pain, suffering and heartbreak he has caused this family and other families who were friends of Jessica and Kelli. I myself would feel a sense of uneasiness knowing that this person was back out on the road behind the wheel of potential 3000 lb missile.
    I would respectfully appeal to the hearing officer to deny his request.

    David Ehrensperger

  3. Kimalee Haylett says:

    Taking this drivers licence is but a small concequence compared to the LIFE Sentance for this family !

    This driver should NOT Be On The Road !

  4. Lorna Pense says:

    I would like to ask the hearing officer to deny Mr. Mitchell’s petition for reinstatement of his driver’s license. Mr. Mitchell continues to shirk his responsibility for his actions that day and denies that his decisions alone were the cause. Until he has enough common sense to take responsibility for his actions and decisions, he certainly does not have the common sense to be behind the wheel of a moving vehicle! Please deny Mr. Mitchell petition for reinstatement of his driver’s license.

  5. Melissa says:

    I respectfully voice my opposition to the reinstatement of this individual’s drivers license. His was not an act of simple distraction or a single instance of poor decision making. He demonstrated recklessness and callousness in his neglect of basic driver safety. I find it unlikely that he is capable of being a safe and prudent driver. As an Illinois citizen who would share the road with this individual, I ask that his request for reinstatement be denied.

  6. Beverly Schlau says:

    Please do not allow this man to drive before the original suspension time is expired. This is only a minor inconvenience for one man who took the lives of two beautiful girls.

    For my safety and the safety of my children and all those that may come into contact with this man, please do not reinstate his license.

    He has already caused overwhelming pain and anguish to so many. Please don’t give him the chance to do so again.

  7. Richelle Weihe says:

    The purely senseless and unnecessary tragedy caused by former trooper Matt Mitchell’s poor judgment WHILE DRIVING as an officer of the state police should not be diminished and his actions should not rewarded by allowing Mr. Mitchell to have his drivers license reinstated. To do so this soon or ever after the fatal accident would be a slap in the face of the victims, their families, and the justice system and would indicate that Mr. Mitchell has in some way paid back enough of his debt to society to earn the privilege to drive, which in my opinion he has not. As a friend of Kim Schlau and her family I have seen that the pain endured by the family of the Uhl sisters is at times evident as much now as it was at the time of the girls’ death – there is not an amount of time that can pass that I feel would make it appropriate to reinstate Mr. Mitchell’s drivers license. I feel that reinstatement would not only hinder the reparation of the victims and their families but would put society at risk.

  8. Kathy Uhl says:

    I am Jessica and Kelli’s grandmother. The day of their deaths changed our lives completely. A few days after we returned from their funerals my husband, Don, suffered a stroke. The stress and heartache he suffered contributed to the stroke. Mr. Mitchell killed my granddaughters because of his recklessness and disregard of basic driving skills and laws. He disgraced the reputation of the Highway Patrol. If he is given his driving license back that will be a slap in the face to all my family and we have suffered enough! Our suffering has no end but he has a life to live and a future. Our granddaughters do not! Do not make their deaths meaningless.

  9. Becky Bariola says:

    I am just as horrified today by this man’s actions as I was on the day he took the life of these two very young girls. The complete and utter irresponsibility of his actions are unforgivable. Blatant disregard for the safety of the general public, especially when your very job is to serve and protect, should not be rewarded with the reinstatement of his drivers license. I do not trust this man to be a driver on the same roads on which myself and my children drive.
    Please, do not give this man a license to drive a motor vehicle.

  10. Sue says:

    Please do not give this man his license back. He did everything that I have taught my children NOT to do while driving and it cost this family two beautiful girls whose lives were just beginning. I am afraid for my children’s lives along with the lives of so many more if he is allowed to get back on the road.

  11. Jason Heflin says:

    There’s always the bus, a cab or bicycle to get to where he needs to go

  12. traci lang says:

    please do not reinstate the troopers license. he has no business being behind a wheel of anything.i think the life sentence he gave the uhl family, should tell u that. not to mention the complete disregard of the laws. (speed,texting while driving,talking on phone)

  13. Mindy Shirley says:

    I constantly remind my 17 year old daughter that driving is not a right but a privilege. Why should someone who killed two beautiful young girls in the prime of their lives get to drive? He should not. He is a danger to everyone who is on the road with him.

  14. Sandy says:

    It has not been long enough for Matt Mitchell to do without the privilege of having a driver’s license. Not only was he driving at a ridiculous rate of speed; he was also disobeying so many other Rules of the Road. The Uhl sisters had their whole lives ahead of them. No, Matt Mitchell’s license should not be reinstated at this time!

  15. Marie Fero says:

    I do not support the reinstatement of Matt Mitchell’s license. We saw the girls’ car under the overpass right after the accident was cleared; it was horrific, and I can only imagine the anguish endured by the family.

  16. Krystal Althoff says:

    I have never met this man nor do I care to. The day the girls lost their lives I was one of the first few cars on the interstate to approach the accident and had my young daughter and her friend with me. It was a tragedy that could have been avoided easily by mitchell by simply following the law that he swore to uphold. A “minor inconvenience” is an all this is to him. He deserves to rot in prison for his actions. If only I was the judge in this case. No one ever intends on having an accident like that, the “I’ll just send one quick text” attitude is simply not acceptable. I say he should never be able to drive again! My sympathies to the family for the loss of two beautiful girls.

  17. Becky Juelfs says:

    We put our trust in the police and never expect them to make foolish decisions that may kill innocent children. Mr Mitchell made a lot of bad decisions that day and would have arrested any one of us for doing any one of those things too. He’s walking around free when he should be in prison for life for murder. At the very least, he should lose his license and be remorseful.

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