Two Years. Still Seems Like Yesterday. By Brian Uhl

November 23rd, 2009, exactly two years since Jess and Kelli were killed on I-64 by a State Trooper.  It still seems like yesterday when they were taken away from all of us.  A lot has happened since then but then again, a lot hasn’t happened.  Sure, there are now cable barriers setup along the highway where they were killed, scholarships have been setup and used, fundraisers have taken place and new laws have been created.  This is all wonderful stuff but I still wonder about those laws.  I continue to see State Troopers driving at high rates of speed without their lights or sirens on.  Anytime I see this, I say a prayer for everyone on the highway because it could happen again, some innocent person could be killed because a State Trooper was not following the law.  Ah, but I am getting off the subject now.  As I said, a lot of things have happened but then again, a lot hasn’t happened.  I am referring to the criminal and civil trials, in other words, maybe getting some justice and closure.  Both trials have been delayed, for expected reasons I am told, and are now set for March and April 2010.  I am told they won’t be delayed again.  I guess I will believe that when I see it.
Do I sound bitter?  Yes, I suppose I do and I am.  There are many reasons why I am so bitter, but to avoid jeopardizing either one of the trials, I shall avoid putting my reasons down in writing.  The good thing is that the public has voiced those reasons for me through their comments on various newspaper articles and for that I thank all of them.  So, has the pain lessened at all?  No, it has not.  I still miss those girls and I always will and the pain never goes away.  I feel it every time I drive by the location of their deaths, I feel it when I go to their graves, when I listen to music, while eating, while doing almost anything, the pain is there.  No, the pain has not lessened, I have only changed the way that I handle the pain.  Between that and the support of family and friends, I go on living day to day.
Thank you to everyone out there for your support to myself and my family, Kim and her family and for supporting all of the good things done in Jess and Kelli’s names.  I know the girls are in a far better place and they watch over all of us as angels will do. 
Jess and Kelli – GOD bless both of you.  We miss you, love you and know that we will never forget you. 
Love you both,
 Dad, Wendy, Tony and so many others.

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  1. Jim says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I wish it hadn’t happened. You have the right to feel the way you do. I too have seen what you see, and I hope this never happens to someone else’s child. Unfortunately, no one knows the future. I’m sure if they knew, they wouldn’t have been on the interstate at that moment. We have to remember them for the lives they had, despite them not being very long. They will always remain with those who remember them. They will not die in vain, they’re the reason for so many changes made, but it’s going to take us, with our cell phones, to alert the authorities about enforcing what is law now.

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